MEGA UPDATE!! (Trans Update, ‘Vette Paper, ‘Vette Themed Sweet 16, and MORE!)

Howdy guys! I need to begin with saying sorry for not updating! School has been busy and my dad has been on a ton of business trips the past few months so we haven’t had a huge amount of time to make some progress on the trans.

I’ll start off with the progress on the trans. My dad and I gutted the trans over Christmas break and gave it a new look. One word: Black! Yup, my dad and I painted it black. Our trans is officially now the most beautiful trans in the whole world-no question about it! =] Here’s what it now looks like:

Now giving the trans a new look is not the only thing we have done since the last update. We have also gotten around half-way through rebuilding the trans’ front pump.

Front Pump

Front Pump

A little while back, I also made a video on the basics of of planning an automatic transmission rebuild and stuff like that. Check it out on my Youtube channel here: (Sorry about the poor quality)

For a writing class, I had to write a paper, and I wrote it about a ‘Vette. I figured that since it is ‘Vette related, why not post it on the blog? Well here it is, but be warned that it is definitely not my best work.

Beautiful in Red

A few weeks back, I had my Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party, and of coarse, it was Corvette/Classic Car themed! I had some of my girl-friends over and had an awesome time! We played games such as Musical Parking spaces, Pin the ‘spare on the ‘Vette, and Balloon racers, which kinda failed lol. Most of the girls spent the night and it was an all out awesome birthday!! =]

Vette party 1

Vette party 2

Vette party 3

Last but not least-lets talk some C7!!! Some looked at the new Corvette model and fell in love, some looked at it and began to feel sick and later stated that the new model was a disgrace, and some liked it-but then they glanced at the tail-lights(like me). But I wish to know your guys’ opinions on the new design. If there was anything about the C7 that you would change, what would it be and/or why. And if you had the money to by the C7-would you buy it, or would you pass it up and spend your money elsewhere and why?

C7 Vette 1 C7 Vette 2

Thank you guys for tuning in on this post in Cora’s garage! I could use all the support I can get! And comment and share with friends- ’cause not every teenage girl gets to restore a ‘Vette! Thanks Again! =]


Dad and Me