Bits of Faith

Have you ever been through something and you feel like you’ll never make it out? If you have, then I know how you feel. I’m close to halfway through rebuilding an automatic transmission and I’m telling you, it’s a real doozy, but that’s not what this post is about. This post is different. It’s special.

Sometimes, my life can be like rebuilding an automatic transmission. So many gears, so many things that could go wrong, and you have to have every little bit in the right order for it to work right. Some people’s problems are more difficult than others, and others are easier……like mine. Honestly, the one thing that keeps me working on the trans is the fact that in the end, it’ll all turn out right somehow.
Unfortunately, some don’t have that hope. Some don’t have that perseverance to keep moving forward. Here’s what this loud mouthin’, car lovin’, dream filled sixteen year old girl has to say to that. First off, I don’t go it alone-nor do you have to. I know that this sounds crazy or weird or religious or something, but God has stuck with me this whole time.
I was a broken mess, but he gave me hand and helped me up even though I sure as heck didn’t deserve it. How I got to have him with me you ask? It’s simple, just ask him. Ask him to come into your heart, forgive the wrongs you’ve done, ’cause we’ve all done ‘em, and He will change your life forever.
You’ll never be alone ever again. Even though I keep screwing up, God still sticks with me through the thick and thin. He’ll never abandon or forsake me even if I do so to Him. He said so in His Word(the Bible). He is a God of love, mercy, kindness, and grace. Even though there are so many unsureties in this life, the one thing that I will always be sure of is that God is there for me.
Who are you? Do you feel like you’ve screwed up your life seventy times over and you don’t feel you deserve a second chance? Do you feel alone? Do you feel like nobody cares about you? Sorry, but you’re as wrong as heck. God is the God of second chances. God is the God of an everlasting friendship with you. God has, does, and always will care for you. You are treasured.
Let’s face it, you were designed and created by the Best, and He thinks you’re awesome!! God has done His part now, will you do yours? He’s holding out His hand….but will you take it? You don’t have to be alone,and you don’t have to be heartbroken, you don’t have to feel guilt and sadness from things you’ve done in the past.
Sometimes, life is like an automatic transmission rebuild……it feels like you’ll never make it out, but with the right help and guidance……you’ll make after all. These were bits of faith from an eccentric sixteen year old girl with dreams as big as her appetite. Now with my best friend up-stairs…..I’m gonna go follow them. =]
I’m sorry that this post was pretty off-topic, but I guess every now and then…..some folks need to hear these words, so why not God use me to give the words to ‘em? Thanks for taking the time to read this. With the help of a great father and my Heavenly Friend, not every teenage girl gets to restore a ‘Vette, but I do! -Jackie

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