See Cars Soar

Cora with the driver's door removed.

Cora with the driver’s door removed.

Changes are coming pretty quickly in my life right now, but rest assured that they are for the better. A few weeks back, my dad and I were on our way to a college visit in Chicago where I had a meeting with one of the professors. I’ll be honest, I was a little bit nervous on the way there because it was my first college visit and meeting with a professor. In the car, my dad was asking me practice questions that the professor might have asked. One question my dad asked was something along the lines of, “Why do you want to enter the automotive industry?”

It didn’t take me a second to ponder this when three simple yet magical words began floating in my mind. See cars soar. Thoughtfully, I blurted them out no slower than they entered my subconscious. See cars soar.  “How so?”, my dad asked quizingly. Replying with an aura of dreaminess in my voice, I described it to him.

I want my car designs and ideas to change the world. I want to see people light up when they first see their new car that I designed and engineered at the dealer for the first time. I want to hear people brag to their friends about how my cars can long outlast any foreign and American competitor in reliability and coolness. I want to feel the rush of exhilaration that my buyers feel when they take one of my performance cars to the limits for the first time. Lastly, I want to smell the burning tires years into the future, when an older gentlemen or woman can still do burnouts and other tricks with one my cars demonstrating that both he/she and the car, “still has ‘it”.

I refuse to end up like a “Molly Hatchet” song with Dreams I’ll Never See. Simply, it won’t do. I have big dreams to fill, and a lot of stepping stones in the automotive world to pass over. Cora is the first that I have yet to fully conquer, but I’m getting there. The most recent thing we did with her was getting measurements for the floor pans. Since floor pans already prepared to put in your Vette are pretty expensive, my dad and I are making floor pans out of sheet metal. I will tell how in my next post.

Lastly, I will conquer my dream to see cars soar by first, conquering my dream to see Cora soar. My dad and I are planning a Route 66 trip for after we finish Cora. It will be truly amazing. Rest assured my friends, Cora will soar. And when she does on ’66, I’ll be here to brag and tell all about it. However, right now, I have some floor pans to get to. Talk to ya’ll later!

Thanks for reading and take care!

-Jackie W.

Closing thought, if you could take a road trip in your dream car, what kind of car would you be driving, what route/roads would you take it down, and who would you bring with you? Comment below! ;)

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