“Meeting the Entertaining People Who Love Corvettes and Food”

Last Tuesday night, I had the capitol privilege of meeting a large group of wonderful people who loved Corvettes and food, known as the “Fox Valley Corvette Club”. To provide an image of how we came to find this great club, my dad and I were visiting “Bloomington Gold” (A Corvette show) last month. We were looking for some parts for Cora when we came across a stand that the club had. We talked and picked up some pamphlets. Here we are now.

A few of the things which the club made very clear to us are the following: They are very welcoming to newcomers, and they like to eat. (lol) We ran into a ton of very fine people and very much enjoyed getting to meet them. My family is planning on joining the club after we attend another event. But until then, thank you, Fox Valley Corvette Club for welcoming my family so enthusiastically. We had a wonderful time! =]

The Fox Valley Corvette Club

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