“We’re Still Here!”

Starting the 200R4 teardown getting it ready for a rebuild.

The 200R4 with the valve body and 2-3 servo removed.

To start off, I should probably explain why there have not been any new posts lately; it’s because my dad has been having a butt-load of business trips and we just haven’t had the time. But we’ve been getting back on track. About a month ago, my dad bought a used(needs a rebuild) but more fuel-efficient trans for Cora. Two weeks ago, my dad and I began taking it apart. And I must add that I have never seen so much trans fluid in my life! It was was a lot more messy than I thought it would be! But there’s no objection to the fact that it was a lot of fun!! I’m not gonna go through the steps in this post, but in a future post so bear with me there. Any questions and I’m happy to answer! Have an awesome day! Sorry this was short! There will be more updates soon! ~Jackie W.

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