Trust Me, I’m a Lifeguard

Hey guys!

Sorry it is gonna be a short post. I have a lot to do and my folks are outta town.They are having my older half sister and my brother in law watch me(I’m sixteen), and my younger brother, who is fourteen. The title for them is a hint so I hope they take it. Mom, dad, psst psst! 0____O

Anyway, let’s get to what my dad and I did this week. We took apart more of the engine!! The cylinders look to be in pretty good shape considering what Cora went through, which means that we probably wont have to take it to a machine shop! Yay!

I had to remove the oil pan, and we kinda spilled oil all over the garage floor even though we siphoned the pan beforehand. Gotta love it! I also took off one of the heads. However, the head bolts were a real pain in the arse.They really do not make these things for teenage girls to work on……

Well, that is about all we did this week. Thanks for reading my blog! I could use all of the inspiration and motivation I can get from you guys! Thanks again! ‘Cause not every teenage girl gets to restore a ‘Vette!

God bless ya’ll! ~Jackie

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