Short but Sweet

Greetings! Unfortunately, I shall have to make this short because I’ve had a long weekend. We stripped the engine down so it is now ready for a machine shop. Since we had some time to kill, we got a bit of work done in the engine bay. We removed the power steering pump so that we may rebuild it while the engine is at the shop. Also, we removed the windshield-fluid tank. However, the we have not removed the transmission from the car, and it has been leaking its fluid all over the garage floor-thus the title. This kinda stinks because I have been cleanup crew, for it even though it is going to leak again the next day. Maybe I can convince my dad to let me remove that leaking sucker from the car for the sake of my back and the garage floor.

I’m sorry that there are no pics this week. The computer crashed and I am doing this from my cell, which, for whatever reason, won’t put the pics up.Thank ya’ll for reading my blog. ‘Cause not every teenage girl can restore a ‘Vette, but with the help of my incredible dad, I can! XD


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