Got It Goin On

Howdy ya’ll!

A bunch of stuff happened last week. Last Monday, my fam and I payed a visit to the Chicago Auto Show. The cars were ok.  I still hate those taillights……….

At the show, we walked around. I there were two college booths there so I decided to check them out. I talked to some UIC and IIT people, and both of the colleges seemed like pretty good choices. However, I’ll have to do a bit more digging to check out the other options as well as the two listed above.

On Friday, my dad and I went to pick up Cora’s finished engine block from our local machine shop. “Pro Automotive Machine” in Gilberts, IL did a more than excellent job on the block. Randy, who is the shop owner, was very helpful to me and my dad. If you live in the area and need some work done on your engine block and etc, “Pro Automotive Machine” is the place to go to. And no, I’m not getting paid to say this stuff. Randy is in the picture below with me.

Me and Randy

Me and Randy

That’s all for this week. Thank ya’ll for reading and take care!

-Jackie Wilson

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